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Kids Shoes - Our step by step guide

Hello World

When your little one enters this world their bones are not fully developed. A baby's foot begins as cartilage which as they grow only finishes turning into bone when they are approximately 18.

It’s important to look after their feet through these few simple steps: 

  • Trim their toenails straight across, but don't cut them too short. This will prevent ingrown toenails which can be very painful.
  • If you're at baby massage classes, use the techniques to gently massage your babies feet which helps them get used to their feet being touched and cared for. 
  • Try and let your baby be barefoot as much as possible to give their feet freedom to grow. 
  • Always check their baby grows and socks to ensure they are nice and big, giving their toes lots of wiggle room. 
  • Cotton is key on babies' feet as it allows the air to circulate around their skin. 

Let’s explore

As your baby grows so does their muscles and movement. All children develop at different stages, some may crawl, bum shuffle or even surprise you and go from sitting to walking. To help your toddlers' feet develop and give them the best support for exploring we would recommend prewalkers as their first shoes. 

Pre-walkers - 

Trust your gut, if you notice your little one's movement starting to increase it’s time for prewalkers. 

  • These have flexible lightweight soles which give your toddler grip and support without restricting their growth. 
  • Come in a variety of width and sizes to best suit your toddlers individual needs. 
  • Made out of leather, cotton or synthetic materials will keep the feet cool and allow their skin to breathe. Will be easily accessible and secure on the foot. 

Toddler Shoes - 

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